Praxis Iuris Besplatna primarna pravna pomoć i stručna praksa na Pravnom fakultetu u Rijeci

Mentors’ Skills Workshop for Teaching Staff at Faculty of Law

The workshop introducing a specific view on mentors’ skills held by psychology teacher, took place between 16 and 18 March 2021 via online platform. The attendees had an opportunity to address detailed issues in performance of these tasks as mentors of students, but also in having opportunity to present the skills acquired in present work […]

Student Handbook on Free Primary Legal Aid

A new handbook was released covering free primary legal aid instructions for students operating the Legal Clinic – Free Primary Legal Aid Centre. Practical tool for any student providing legal aid in Legal Clinic has been printed as part of project activity, whereas the authors were team members in Praxis Iuris. The handbook is available […]

Interpersonal Skills for Administrative Personnel

Administrative personnel attended a 3-day workshop on interpersonal skills hosted by Alen Marot, as the final round of workshops for Faculty students and overall staff engaged in legal education. The employees working in administration, accounting and Dean’s office mostly acknowledged the skills as personally and professionally important and useful in everyday practice.

Workshop on Professional Practice Introduced to Students

More than 40 students attended the workshop hosted by Mariza Menger, PhD on Monday, February 22nd in an online edition, due to ongoing circumstances and epidemic measures. Webex platform, in this case, provided a solid digital surrounding for the participants who had an opportunity, at least those included as students mentors, to introduce themselves as […]

Jelena Majstorović: Clinical Hub on Divorce

Our associate Jelena Majstorović, Attorney at Law, was the host of another clinical hub introducing a common topic: divorce and legal actions that comprise the procedure. Students were interested in finding out the specifics that guide the procedure such as minors, domestic violence, civil vs. canonical marriage, etc. Assistant professor Dejan Bodul, PhD was co-hosting […]

Workshop on Interpersonal Skills: Teachers, 2nd Cycle

Further group, altogether 13 teachers attended the 2nd cycle workshops, finishing the education course and acquiring new set of interpersonal skills. The workshop was held during 4 days and was mentored by Asja Lajtman Bosilj.

Administrative Personnel Attending Workshop

As of February 17th, the Faculty administrative personnel is attending a workshop on interpersonal skills mentored by Alen Marot, psychologist. The similar workshop was given to Faculty teachers and students as the skills that may be trained there have been recognized by experts and youth as useful in professional and personal communication. The workshops scheduled […]

3rd Online Course Hosted by Supreme Court Judge

Around thirty students attended the online course held by a Supreme Court Judge, Mr. Dragan Katić. He selflessly offered the presentation of his aspect on legal and professional specifics in such role as his; mostly involving students in a Q&A model so that the majority of their dilemmas are targeted and answered. He broadly explained […]

Students’ Interpersonal Skills Workshop

Our students have participated in the first cycle of interpersonal skills workshop that was led by experienced trainers Asja Lajtman Bosilj and Alen Marot. The workshop took place on Zoom platform during the whole week (five days) although finals are now being organized in most courses at the Faculty.

Clinical Hub: Land Registry Procedures

On January 28th, law students attended a new clinical hub organized by Praxis Iuris team. Hub host, Irena Lerner, attorney in Rijeka, introduced land registry procedures as a form of a particular field of law being faced with major changes due to digitalization of the data and data entries. Altogether five law students were well […]

Project Team Meeting

Praxis Iuris project team met on January 25th, 2021 with a purpose to discuss the project’s first year resolution and finalization of the activities that have so far been conducted. The Legal Clinic – Free Primary Aid Centre is being founded by Faculty Council while most concern was aimed at opening Conference, scheduled for March […]

Teachers’ Workshops on Interpersonal Skills

Faculty of Law teachers attended a four-day workshop on interpersonal skills last week, organized by Praxis Iuris team. The teachers were introduced with some new, and some well known facts on relations and communication having mostly impact on their professional work environment and had, as meny said, an upgrade of skills’ set being set well […]