Praxis Iuris Besplatna primarna pravna pomoć i stručna praksa na Pravnom fakultetu u Rijeci

Legal Course on Constitutional Guarantees

Pravni fakultet u Rijeci (MS Teams)
27. svibnja 2021. u 14,00 sati

The class held by Goran Selanec, PhD dealt with interpretation of constitutional guarantees, in particular the direct effect and application of constitutional norms in executive matters.

Two scenarios were explored. Firstly, when bodies of executive power apply bylaws, constitutional principles and norms are indirectly involved insofar the application of law is contained within a legitimate area of discretionary authority of the executive. Where the constitutionality of a law is at stake, however, it is only a procedure of constitutional review that can set it aside before the enforcement of the law may cease. Constitutional courts in this scenario enforce the compliance of the law with a higher, constitutional norm.

Students of the Faculty of Law in Rijeka were involved in a vivid discussion covering all aspects of the matter and interacting with Selanec as his peers, offering numerous answers to specific parts of the addressed issue.