Praxis Iuris Besplatna primarna pravna pomoć i stručna praksa na Pravnom fakultetu u Rijeci

Law on Bankruptcy Procedures Presented by Supreme Court Judge

Mr. sc. Igor Periša, Supreme Court Judge, gave an interactive lecture otherwise known as Practical Course in Law, attended by numerous students solving the bankruptcy law matters covered by Croatian regulations and having been addressed by Supreme Court if not concluded by minor courts. In that respect, Supreme Court precedents may serve as a source […]

Rijeka Team Won in Moot Court

Firstly in preliminary rounds and then in finals, Rijeka team won the Moot Court Croatia organized by eStudent in a year not very well known for any contests. Ella Toskić, Marija Tonković, Sven Sušanj i Toni Pelić defended Rijeka colors and brought the title to Rijeka. The students passed all rounds as a winning team […]

Zagreb Law Students Visiting Rijeka

Rijeka law students and student mentors involved in Legal Clinic met their Zagreb peers in a short visit exchanging experiences in clinical practices. Rijeka students were glad to welcome and address their Zagreb colleagues as for the mutual and well accepted projects as running Legal clinics and working on cases and providing legal aid. The […]

Clinical Hub “Mini Cycle” in Criminal Law

Three Clinical Hubs based on criminal law cases, conducted by eminent lawyers with offices in Rijeka, were concluded by attorney Goran Marjanović on May 12th 2021. It was a Hub raising interest by a number of students, covering Criminal Act and Law on Road Traffic Safety.

Legal Clinic – Free Primary Legal Aid Centre

Legal Clinic – Free Primary Legal Aid Centre is open and available for citizens each Wednesday, 12 -15 PM at: 099 530 6250. Students will receive and answer all requests. Please note that Free Legal Aid Act provisions apply as not all the income categories may be covered the free legal aid.

Clinical Hubs on Criminal law

Two distinguished lawyers with offices situated in Rijeka, Berislav Pavišić and Ivan Smokrović, held two Clinical Hubs (online) introducing criminal law and misdemeanour offences (as so prescribed in Croatian legal system) to students of Faculty of Law in Rijeka. As these were first Hubs covering such legal matter, students have shown a great interest in […]

April: Interpersonal Skills’ Workshop

Workshop on interpersonal skills in it’s 3rd cycle, took place online, covering communications, expression and forming plausible statements in professional relations as well as those in everyday life. Trainers offer a guidance in acquiring these skills with no interference with legal studies and academic achievements. Over thirty students attended the workshop so far. A new […]

Clinical Hub on Long Term Loans

Sandra Ivić, Attorney in Law, with the office in Rijeka, conducted another Clinical Hub for our students, based on her practice in civil matters. This Hub included a wide range of issues relating to long term loans and execution of judicial decision with it’s ground in actual case held before Croatian court.

Mentors’ Skills Workshop for Teaching Staff at Faculty of Law

The workshop introducing a specific view on mentors’ skills held by psychology teacher, took place between 16 and 18 March 2021 via online platform. The attendees had an opportunity to address detailed issues in performance of these tasks as mentors of students, but also in having opportunity to present the skills acquired in present work […]

Student Handbook on Free Primary Legal Aid

A new handbook was released covering free primary legal aid instructions for students operating the Legal Clinic – Free Primary Legal Aid Centre. Practical tool for any student providing legal aid in Legal Clinic has been printed as part of project activity, whereas the authors were team members in Praxis Iuris. The handbook is available […]

Interpersonal Skills for Administrative Personnel

Administrative personnel attended a 3-day workshop on interpersonal skills hosted by Alen Marot, as the final round of workshops for Faculty students and overall staff engaged in legal education. The employees working in administration, accounting and Dean’s office mostly acknowledged the skills as personally and professionally important and useful in everyday practice.

Workshop on Professional Practice Introduced to Students

More than 40 students attended the workshop hosted by Mariza Menger, PhD on Monday, February 22nd in an online edition, due to ongoing circumstances and epidemic measures. Webex platform, in this case, provided a solid digital surrounding for the participants who had an opportunity, at least those included as students mentors, to introduce themselves as […]