Praxis Iuris Besplatna primarna pravna pomoć i stručna praksa na Pravnom fakultetu u Rijeci

Interpersonal Skills’ Workshops – Call for Students’ Applications

Workshops on interpersonal skills organized by Praxis Iuris team are open for applications for Faculty students (and teachers). Target group are students enrolled in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year of Integrated law studies. The workshop mentors are skilled practitioners having experience in similar workshops in business and private sector, introducing specific knowledge on interpersonal […]

Online Clinical Hub on Paternity

Another Clinical hub was organized via MS Teams on paternity matters within family law and has been attended by students mentors and Assistant Professor Dejan Bodul and Josip Dešić, Assist. Students took over the whole simulation of the “case”, presenting as beneficiaries of the primary legal aid and the providers of the aid as well.

New Clinical Hub Cycle

Clinical Hub, attended by students mentors and designed by Associate Professor Gabrijela Mihelčić and Assistent Josip Dešić, as a part of new cycle of the hubs took place on MS Teams platform on Monday. The presented case was based on enforcement law provisions, namely enforcement of mortgage entered in land registry. The students continue to […]