Praxis Iuris Besplatna primarna pravna pomoć i stručna praksa na Pravnom fakultetu u Rijeci

Clinical Hub Presented a Labour Law Case

Four students were included in clinical hub under supervision of Assistant Professor Adrijana Martinović, PhD and Mariza Menger, PhD. The hub took place on 28th October 2020 on Faculty of Law in Rijeka. The lecturers presented a fictional case in labour law.

Clinical Hub on Child Support

Mariza Menger, PhD and Josip Dešić held the Clinical hub on 26th October 2020 presenting a case on child support. The hub was attended by five students (3rd group) applied for participation.

Clinical Hub in Real Property Law

On 15thOctober 2020, second Clinical hub took place at Faculty of Law in Rijeka. Student mentors had a task to provide free legal aid to project team members representing clients. “Clients” presented the case that raised ownership issues in real property law.

First Clinical Hub

First Clinical Hub – a simulation of providing free legal aid – was held on Thursday, 8th October 2020 at Faculty of Law in Rijeka. The Hub was attended by five students mentors who provided free legal aid in domain of enforcement law to the members of the project team acting as clients, namely to […]

Course on Practical Legal Issues Held Online

Judge Damir Kontrec, Chairman of the Civil Department of the Supreme Court of Croatia, conducted a course on practical legal issues on 30th September 2020. The course, held online via MS Teams, introduced practical aspects of real property law and land registry law having accent on most recent developments in the domain.

Course on Practical Legal Issues – Call for Students

Course on practical legal issues will be held on 30th September 2020 on MS Teams. The judge Damir Kontrec, Chairmen of Civil Department of Supreme Court of Croatia will hold the lecture, discussing the leading issues of legal practice. Students are welcome to apply at:

Student Mentors’ Team and Project Team Meeting

On 3rd September 2020, the project team organized a meeting with student mentors who are amongst first students to be included in the project with capacities for conducting the free primary legal aid. The student mentors were introduced with the future Law Clinic structure and the project website as central information tool for public communication. […]

Activities in PRAXIS IURIS Continue

At the beginning of September, the project team held another online meeting setting course for organization of workshops titled “Interpersonal and mentoring skills”. The workshops aim at development of professors’, education professionals’ and students’ skills and will take place at the Faculty. Other forthcoming activities as part of PRAXIS IURIS project include establishment of Centre […]

Project team meeting

In addition to regular online consulting of team members, a project team meeting was held on Wednesday, 15th July accompanied by members of Zobnica d.o.o. The company Zobnica d.o.o was selected on the public tender as an outsourced project administrator. The team agreed on continuance of all activities planned for the first year of project […]

4th online meeting of the project team

Following the meeting held on June 4th 2020 the project team continued on activities of establishing Free Legal Aid Centre. Students who have expressed an interest in participating in project activities and who meet the criteria of excellence will soon start collaborating on the project.

Third meeting of the project team

On May 28th 2020, a meeting was held regarding the activities that will take place in the new circumstances due to pandemic control measures. The development of project activities takes place in the specific conditions that befell the team in the project implementation.

Second (online) meeting due to COVID-19 circumstances

As the authorities recommended physical contact reduction between the employees, the May 22th 2020 meeting was held online. The team discussed the activities performance in pandemic conditions and arranged new models of cooperation in following weeks with respect to pandemia restriction measures.